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For many, this past week has been centred around Black Friday. It’s deals, unbeatable offers and sales – chances for consumers to grab a bargain and retailers to make sales in a difficult time of trading.

Writing this on what is now Cyber Monday, we’ve seen quite a bit of news on the greener alternative to the shopping holiday – Green Friday. This has been picked up and promoted by shoppers, activists, and businesses alike across social media, and has given us food for thought relative to our Vero/Green work.


What have we done this Green Friday?

We’re becoming climate positive in partnership with Ecologi by responsibly planting 1000s of trees. And on Green Friday, Rupert Emson, CEO at Vero, further pledged his commitment to the environment, by purchasing 1,000 trees to add to his own ‘family forest’.


Amidst the bombardment of Black Friday deals, I took a moment to consider how our seasonal shopping habits are impacting the environment. This year I have chosen to make a further commitment to our work with Ecologi by adding an additional 1,000 trees to my ‘family forest’. 

– Rupert Emson, CEO, Vero Screening.


The Tree Planting project is the latest of Vero’s contributions to playing our part in meeting carbon reduction targets. Planting trees is one of the best tools we have in removing carbon pollution from our atmosphere. And through partnering with Ecologi, we’ve made it easy for our colleagues and clients to join in and add trees to our company ‘forest’. Collectively, with a little input from a lot of people, we have the power to make a difference.


Vero/Green in 2022.

In a continued effort to drive our business toward a greener future, we’ve spent 2022 really ramping up our environmental efforts. Through our partnership with Ecologi we have offset 267,000 kg of carbon to date.


Our dedicated Green Team has been ‘greenifying’ our business’s internal infrastructure and processes since 2019. And, as our business continues to grow, we recognise the impact our activities have on the environment, which is why we’re finding new and engaging ways to slow down and reverse climate change, across both our business and our supply chain.


What’s next for Vero/Green?

In 2023, we aim to stretch ourselves further as a business by offsetting staff-related emissions. We’ll continue planting trees for every new starter that joins our business, as well as to mark key anniversaries for existing staff (Veroversary). Given the tenure of our staff and the rate at which our business is growing, we’ve already planted 11,475 trees – and counting!


Find out more about Vero/Green.

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