Driving our business towards a greener future.



Through our partnership with the Ecologi platform we have offset 267,000 kg of carbon to date.


We’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with climate change partner Ecologi to help offset our carbon footprint emissions in 2022 and beyond.

As our business continues to grow, we recognise the impact our activities have on the environment, which is why we’re finding new and engaging ways to slow down and reverse climate change, across both our business and our supply chain.

In partnership with Ecologi, we’re funding carbon offsetting projects around the world through a monthly subscription. As well as driving climate action, many of these projects also contribute positively to local communities. Recent projects include funding wind turbines in India, protecting the Amazon rain forest and, in Malawi, repairing water boreholes to improve access to clean water.


“We are really pleased that such a progressive company like Vero has partnered with us to help them on their journey to becoming carbon neutral, which is an incredible feat. With a dedicated ‘Green Team,’ which has been streamlining the business’s internal infrastructure and processes since 2019, and plans to achieve the international standard for environmental management systems within the next two years, it’s clear the company is wholly committed to the cause. Through the Ecologi platform they have also offset approximately 263 tonnes of carbon to date. This is hugely encouraging to see and we hope more companies in the industry follow their lead and play their own part in the collective fight against climate change.” Linda Adams, Head of Partnerships at Ecologi.

In 2023, we aim to stretch ourselves further as a business by offsetting staff-related emissions.

Our dedicated Green Team has been ‘greenifying’ our business’s internal infrastructure and processes since 2019.

Vero’s Green Team was established in 2019 by Vero’s CEO, Rupert Emson. Since then, it has successfully implemented a number of initiatives to help reduce the company’s existing emissions.

“The last few years have given us the opportunity to reflect on our business, not only the positives but also the impact that we have on the environment. We have agreed to certain steps and investments that will help address our company’s carbon emissions, which will effectively help us achieve carbon neutral status.”
Rupert Emson

As our business grows, we recognise the impact of our activities on the natural environment.


Our Objectives.


We’ve set ourselves four top line objectives specific to Environment / ESG, over the next three years.

  • Achieve carbon offset status for our business [2022]
  • Improve our environmental credentials [2022]
  • Drive sustainability into our organisational network – employees, clients, partners [2023]
  • Move business to a carbon negative status [2024]

So far, we’re thrilled to say we’ve already achieved the following:

  • Established an energy and waste consumption scorecard for our business
  • Offset 267,000 kg of carbon to date
  • Created a corrective action plan to address opportunities to further ‘greenify’ our business
  • Established a relationship with a key sustainability partner Ecologi
  • We’ve been awarded the environmental management standard accreditation ISO 14001
  • Appointed a dedicated Supplier Compliance Manager to drive sustainable procurement activities
  • Reached out to key suppliers within our supply chain to assess their own sustainability credentials

We’re becoming climate positive in partnership with Ecologi by responsibly planting 1000s of trees.

The Tree Planting project is the latest of Vero’s contributions to playing our part in meeting carbon reduction targets. Planting trees is one of the best tools we have in removing carbon pollution from our atmosphere. And through partnering with Ecologi we’ve made it easy for our colleagues and clients to join in and add trees to our company ‘forest’. Collectively, with a little input from a lot of people, we have the power to make a difference.

To launch our initiative, we’re planting trees for every new starter that joins our business, as well as to mark key anniversaries for existing staff (Veroversary). Given the tenure of our staff and the rate at which our business is growing, we’ve already planted 11,475 trees – and counting!

We’re proud to announce we’ve been awarded the ISO 14001 accreditation.



We’re delighted to announce we have been awarded the ISO 14001 certification. This will see us implement a wide range of far-reaching environmental management policies, to reduce our impact and adopt sustainable practices throughout our operations. It also demonstrates our commitment to actively seeking out ways of doing business that are better for the environment.