A Small Business Guide to Background Checks.

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As the working landscape develops post-pandemic, more and more small businesses are considering employee screening to protect themselves from risk and ensure they are making the right hiring decisions. 

Background checks are becoming increasingly imperative for small businesses, with hiring managers needing to confirm the identity and credentials of potential employees. Here, we share why companies should do background checks, why they are important, and how you can get started.


Why Are Background Checks Important for Employment?

Your small business needs to be confident in the candidates you hire, and pre-employment screening and background checks help to shield you from risk.

There are several advantages of employment screening background checks for small businesses – from vouching for the honesty of those who work for you, to mitigating risk against your company’s reputation. Some factors are more important than others, depending on your industry and customer-base, but all businesses can use screening to encourage safe practices within them.


So, Why Do Companies Do Background Checks?

The disjoined workplace landscape means that you need to protect your data and systems from any opposing threats, and background screening helps with this. Acting as a preventative measure, screening can help to cut cost in the long run.

Allowing you to promote a culture of honesty and integrity amongst all staff, background checks help you to protect your employees – old and new.

Businesses in many industries must comply with professional standard and statutory requirements, for example, Financial Services, and screening practices help to tick boxes where necessary.


Small Business Background Checks You Can Count On

With small businesses in mind, we have proudly developed Vero/Go, our simple solution for small business employers who want employment screening on a pay-as-you-go basis.


How Much are Small Business Screening Services?

We’ve defined affordable screening bundles for small business owners, based on our experience across multiple business sectors. Starting from £74, our employment screening bundles can help you reduce your exposure to risk and ensure your candidates’ experience and qualifications are genuine, while complying with any regulatory requirements.


These employment screening services cover:

  • Financial Services
  • Legal
  • Professional Services
  • BS7858
  • BPSS


Starting Small Business Background Checks

Interested in small business background checks? Here’s how to get started:

  • Consider the business need. Who needs screening, and what for? You may have financial employees, those who need to remain compliant with the latest regulation whilst handling confidential information.
  • How often? Some industry bodies require annual checks. Social media screening is also something that can be done annually, as online profiles change so frequently. Other checks, such as a pre-employment background check, or education verification, may only be needed upon hiring.
  • How much? Take a look at costs, and consider how much it’ll cost for what checks you need and want. Our affordable small business solutions start at £74 for a quick check, designed for new hires with limited risk to the business who need to be onboarded swiftly. Or where top-up/rescreen checks are required.
  • Choose your provider. We act as an extension of your HR function, if you need us to. Or, if you’re a small business that simply requires ad-hoc screening services, you can use Vero/Go to complete pay-as-you- go screening for job seekers.


Click here to find out more about our small business employment screening services.

If you need to process more than 50 candidates per year, please get in touch to talk through your requirements in more detail: intouch@veroscreening.com

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