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I have been asked to provide proof of identity and address, what does this mean?

by Mark Sharron 15th August 2018

The usual proof of identify (ID) is a valid passport or UK driver’s licence. If you do not have these documents, a copy of an EU National Identity card or your UK birth certificate is sufficient. A non-UK birth certificate is not sufficient as proof of ID for the purpose of the checks. For proof of address, you could use a utility bill, bank or building society statement, credit or store card statement, payslip, or government document (e.g. a council tax bill or a letter from HMRC) which shows your current address and is dated within the last three months. Mobile phone bills are not admissible as proof of address. Please note: if your name has recently changed you may be asked to provide a copy of your marriage certificate, Deed Poll, or similar.

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