Showcasing Company Culture in the Remote Workplace.  

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For many working in HR, conveying a positive company culture is a key part of onboarding. Despite this, ‘work from anywhere’ UK job vacancies have soared 48% year-on-year, meaning that for many, remote working has become the new norm, and professional priorities have shifted as a result of the pandemic.


“‘Work from anywhere’ UK job vacancies have soared 48% year-on-year”


These changes bring a challenging task to HR professionals – how can we showcase good company culture, despite the culture being dispersed?


Happier employees are more productive employees. With this in mind, it’s important to explore why now more than ever we need to consider our own company culture, and how we can bring people together. Here, we’ll also suggest how specific screening measures can help you as HR professionals keep your culture in check.


The Changing Landscape

The usual talent acquisition, interviewing, and onboarding processes have vastly altered, and the HR function has been faced with countless hurdles.


Many of us are now settled into our current ways of working, thanks to fast-acting and forward-thinking HR departments, who have been tasked with keeping employees settled in the (now remote) workplace.


What’s Your Culture?

As individuals, we work to feel a strong sense of self – conveying our own ideals and behaviours. Company culture is similar to this, in that it is a manifestation of certain collective customs. We’ve all heard about toxic workplaces where the culture is far beyond repair, and we’d of course try our best to avoid them. Similarly, it’s common knowledge that certain businesses hold and represent aspirational cultures – those of positivity and fairness, putting employees first and reaping the benefits.


Pre-pandemic, being on-site for an interview would allow a candidate to get a feel for the workplace. Now, with many interviews being conducted over zoom, it’s important for hiring managers to take extra steps to ensure new team members get the right introduction to the business and forge friendships along their journey.


Bringing People Together

As professionals in people, HR are at the forefront of introductions. There are several ways that you can be supportive in creating and strengthening relationships.


Showcasing your brand personality and propositions, in a remote environment, can now be much more critical to the new employee experience. Making people feel involved by extending invitations to collaborate and be social can now go a lot further than in previous years.


Despite many working from home, remotely, or in a hybrid setting, they can still benefit from regular opportunities for informal interaction throughout the working week. When friendships are healthy within the workplace, team members are less likely to want to leave and seek other opportunities, whilst being more likely to get involved with the task at hand.


Supportive Screening

Candidate experience is an imperative key performance indicator of how a business works. When onboarding, it’s vital to put your best foot forward and display best practices. Certain ways of screening can ensure that company culture is protected, and that you are hiring the best people for the job.


Validating the credentials and prior experiences of those you are bringing into the fold is an imperative aspect of onboarding, and protecting your current employees and the company culture that they sit in.


How Can We Help?

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