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Employment Screening

Our screening services are designed to mitigate risk and provide ongoing support throughout the employee lifecycle, from pre-employment screening to ongoing monitoring and issuing leaver references. With sector specific expertise and global reach, we place great importance on understanding the specific risk profile and cultural context of your organisation. Our focus is on ensuring you are able to achieve legal and regulatory compliance by implementing an effective and consistent approach to employment screening and related services.

Giving you the tools you need

Criminal Record Checks

Criminal record information is highly sensitive and access to this data is strictly controlled in the UK. By engaging Vero to manage the criminal record check process, you’ll be able to make safer and better informed hiring decisions.

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Refsure – Leavers References

Refsure is a fully outsourced referencing service which relieves the burden from your HR team. When a reference is requested for a former employee or mortgage application, our Refsure team can produce an instant, automated, tailored response on your behalf.

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BS7858 Security Screening

You may require specialist background screening such as the BS7858 standard for security personnel. We can ensure full compliance with the recognised national standard of the security industry and Security Industry Authority (SIA).

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Right to Work

Sometimes referred to as ETW or eligibility to work, we offer two different right to work (RTW) solutions to enable you to fulfil your legal obligation and confirm candidate eligibility for UK employment.

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