Client FAQs

Client FAQs

We want to start screening Candidates in one of our overseas offices. What should we do?

If you want to start screening in one of your overseas offices, please contact your Client Relationship Manager to let them know. They’ll be happy to provide you with the relevant in-country hiring guide and talk through package options. Our in-country hiring guides are a useful resource for your HR, legal and compliance teams. They’ll help you understand what checks Vero is able to access in that location and what legal and cultural considerations you’ll want to take into account, before choosing your screening levels. We’ll be happy to join calls with your local offices to talk through their requirements if helpful. Once you are happy with the screening levels you require, we’ll update your statement of work, carry out any set up and customisation required and support your local teams training and orientation.

I need to get the Vero team to expedite an urgent Candidate. What should I do?

We understand you’ll sometimes have Candidates who need to join your business urgently. If you need us to expedite the screening process, there are a number of ways you can make us aware. You can provide an additional note at the point of registering the Candidate. This is particularly helpful as it ensures we can prioritise the screening from Day 1. Alternatively, if you want to expedite a screening already in progress, you can raise a ticket via the client portal to make our client services team aware. Once we have received notification of an urgent screening, we’ll raise a flag in the system; this will ensure the Vero employee working on the screening knows to prioritise the Candidate; their Operational Team Leader will also monitor the screening’s progress at regular intervals.

I’ve got an urgent screening and I want to keep a close eye on its progress. What can I do?

Clients can use our watchlist function to ensure they have easy access to their all urgent screening in one place.

How will Vero notify me if a discrepancy is identified on one my Candidate’s screening reports?

All discrepancies identified during the screening process will be reconfirmed at source prior to notification. Once we’ve reconfirmed the discrepancy, we’ll notify it to you in accordance with our standard procedures. These procedures will vary dependent on the type of discrepancy we identify. We’ve summarised them below:
  1. No discrepancy: anomalies which don’t typically impact the hiring decision (eg discrepancy in education dates which falls within the normal academic year) will be documented in the write up for the relevant screening component.
  2. Do not send client warning: where we think a discrepancy is worth noting but unlikely to impact the hiring decision (eg unconfirmed employment covered by education/ other employment) we’ll flag it on the screening wheel and note it in the executive summary, as well as documenting it in the write up for the relevant screening component.
  3. Minor discrepancy: if we think the discrepancy, although minor, may be of potential relevance to the hiring decision, we’ll make it visible in the ‘minor discrepancies’ section of the client portal and flag it on your daily coffee report; we’ll also document it in the write up for the relevant screening component, flag it on the screening wheel and note it in the executive summary.
  4. Red discrepancy: red discrepancies (eg discrepancy in education award) are considered likely to impact your hiring decision, so we’ll make sure they get your urgent attention and sign off. As well as all the usual flags and alerts, we’ll email the HR contact responsible for the screening and raise a discrepancy to you via our portal ticketing system. We’ll also raise all the usual flags and alerts – writing it up in the relevant screening component, flagging on the screening wheel and noting it in the executive summary.

I would like to arrange some refresher training on the VeroLIve Portal. Who can help?

Please contact your Client Relationship Manager who will be happy to arrange refresher training for you. In addition to WebEx training sessions we are able to provide our Clients with access to a number of short training videos, so they can access the training at their convenience.

What kind of reporting/MI can Vero provide?

Extensive MI and reporting is available to our Clients as standard, via their screening portal access. You’ll have instant access to a comprehensive suite of reports which give you visibility of key screening data including screenings in progress, turnaround times, completed screening reports, invoicing. If you can’t find the information you need, please talk to your Client Relationship Manager, they’ll be keen to better understand your needs and work out how we can help. We can also link in with our development team to create bespoke reporting if required.

How can our candidates provide feedback on the Vero screening process?

We place great importance on your Candidates’ experience and love to receive feedback directly from them. We’re quick to jump on any opportunities for improvement and it’s also great to be able to share success stories and positive feedback with our operational teams. Your Client Relationship Manager will be happy to talk to you about a formal Candidate survey program, if that’s something you’d like to introduce. Alternatively, please encourage your Candidates to provide their comments using the ‘Complaints and compliments’ option on the Contact Us page of our website.

How many times will our Candidates be contacted during the screening process?

We’ll always do our best to keep contact with your Candidates to a minimum, so as to avoid inconveniencing them. The volume and nature of our Candidate contact will vary based on the type of checks we’ve been asked to complete, as well as the quality and comprehensiveness of the information we’re working from. It’s important we check information directly with Candidates to ensure we have the right details and sometimes we’ll need additional information in order to complete our checks. We’ll always try to be as clear and concise as possible and we’ll make sure we provide your Candidates with relevant context – what we need and why we need it.

How long will the screening process take?

Screening turnaround times vary from one Candidate to the next and depend on lots of different factors. We work hard to meet the services levels we agree with our Clients and our objective is always to complete each and every screening as efficiently as possible, whilst maintaining the highest quality levels. The honest answer is some checks take longer than others, so the timeframe will largely depend on the level of checks requested by the Client, as well as the responsiveness of third parties such as referees.

What are Vero’s quality control procedures?

Each individual screening component is subject to quality control (QC) checks at the point it’s completed. This initial QC process is referred to internally as publishing. It’s carried out by the Candidate Screening Coordinator (CSC) responsible for the screening. In addition, once all the components for a screening report have been completed, the full report will be subject to a further round of ‘four eyes’ checks. Firstly, the CSC will review the screening report in its entirety, ensuring they’ve undertaken a ‘holistic’ review of the screening results. This preliminary round of full report checks will also confirm the agreed service level has been met, with no omissions or oversights. Once the CSC is satisfied all required checks have been conducted and accurately reported and any potentially adverse findings escalated to the Client, they’ll forward their completed report to Vero’s Audit Team for full and final review and sign off.