Issuing employment references.

Refsure is a self-managed system which enables employers to outsource the process of responding to requests for references on current and former employees. It is designed to dramatically reduce the workload associated with issuing references, by storing reference data and making it accessible to verified users (requesters). The benefits are:

  • Reduces the burden on your HR department By outsourcing this process to us, your time and resources are better spent being productive for you
  • Information is validated as accurate and up to date Information on employees is kept current so references can be issued instantly
  • Format is fully customisable depending on reference type Refsure allows you to tailor employee references according to your specific requirements
  • Dedicated support is provided by our Refsure team If you need assistance with employee information or references, our team will be there to guide you.

The Refsure service has definitely helped to save us time when dealing with requests for references. We also like the fact that it is a flexible solution and allows us to continue to handle certain references ourselves. The staff at Vero have been keen to work with us in order to identify additional time saving opportunities.

Human Resources Team, River Island

Cost Effective.

Automated outsourced referencing dramatically reduces your operational overheads.

No data storage fees apply to the Refsure service and an administration charge is only applied when the data is accessed.

Automated and Fast.

By keeping all employee information up to date, all requests for an employment reference are fulfilled quickly.

These references remain available to the Requester for 30 days, at no additional cost. Full management information and reporting is available directly from Refsure portal.


Secure messaging between the employer and requester is supported via the portal.

All Requesters are validated on registration and employee data is protected by the highest levels of security, including encryption at rest and during transit.


For the majority of references an automated response can be provided in one of our reference templates.

These reference response templates can be customised to reflect your brand, as the employer, and maintain your professional standards. When a more detailed reference is required, or you need to provide a manual response, Refsure allows you enter your own reference response.

Team Collaboration.

Vero designed Refsure to support both one-off referencing for individual users and facilitate team collaboration for repeat referencing.

Team access gives your team an environment to manage your references and employee data. To help avoid duplication and ensure effective reference management during periods of absence, our team access feature enables multiple users to view and share the same request and response data.

User Experience.

Refsure has been designed with ease of use in mind.

The general design has a clean look and feel, with simple and accessible features. Built with user input, Refsure gives you the tools and features you need to produce employee references as quickly as possible. Refsure has also been developed to work on tablets and mobile devices.


Refsure has been built with HR teams in mind, to serve their referencing needs, make their lives easier and reduce their workload.

To that end we constantly push our features forward, based on the feedback we receive. Refsure has the solution to cut the time out of providing references, but if there’s something missing let us know! We’ll do our best to add it.

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