How can third party social media checks protect businesses?

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Social media is becoming an increasingly important part of the recruitment process. Ninety per cent of employers factor it into their hiring decisions, making it a key consideration for most managers.

With our clients increasingly looking to include social media searches in their employment screening packages, digital screening is fast becoming a core element of the overall screening process.

Using social media screening to reveal damaging behaviours in the pre-employment process can mitigate the risk of a negative cultural fit. Creating a mutually beneficial working relationship is key to the success of a candidate’s career within your firm, and starting off with online transparency can support this.

Screening can also be beneficial to businesses with employees later on in their career journeys. Rescreening senior level staff to ensure they are still fit and proper within their roles is a pertinent reason for many HR teams to utilise a screening service.


In sectors such as legal and financial services, if a member of certification staff is considered to lack fitness and propriety, serious consequences can ensue. Regulators such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority, European Banking Authority, and the Financial Contact Authority are increasingly highlighting the importance of open source and social media searches to help companies ensure they are compliant.


Social media screening processes need to be water-tight for HR

We’re proud to act as an extension of the HR function within this space, protecting businesses in the following ways:

– Activating an external company to run social media searches omits risk, oversights, inconsistencies, inaccuracies and potential discrimination.

– You can trust us to provide comprehensive results – many candidates will have multiple aliases online, some of which they may seek to conceal.

– There are plenty of positive factors we’ll also be able to share with you. It’s natural to anticipate solely negative results, but we share a fair report to give you a balanced picture.

– Our social media screening services blocks protected characteristics in the reports we generate for you.

– These searches adhere to GDPR and privacy compliance, offering comprehensive and unbiased results.

– By completing these online checks, you can protect employees and your brand by avoiding the human and financial costs that can be associated with bad hires.


Social media reports include a summary of any risks and red flags, along with an overview of findings. They also share key details such as identified email addresses, websites and social profiles of the candidate.

The globally trusted reputation we have built is the reward of years of substantive partnerships, such as with our social media screening service provider Neotas, helping us develop our world-class service.

If you would like to request more information about how this offering can work for your candidate recruitment process, please contact communications@veroscreening.com

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