Create a Safer Workplace with Employee Screening.

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With International Fraud Awareness Week approaching next month, we as HR professionals are reminded of the pitfalls of remote recruiting and hiring.


Trust is now, more than ever, a vital part of the hiring process, with remote workers having access to technology and data, which would usually stay in-house.

A recent KPMG Forensic Survey has revealed that despite moving away from totally remote working, the risk of fraud may still be on the rise.


With this in mind, its necessary to consider ways in which you can mitigate risk of fraud, such as bringing in new workplace policies, or refreshing old ones, with measures such as employee screening. Your business needs to be confident in the candidates you hire, and the staff you currently have.


Different types of screening can be a helpful addition to your onboarding procedures. They can help you place full trust in your teams, increasing workplace safety and mitigating financial and reputational risks.


Here’s some insight into ways in which screening can help you create a safer workplace:


Pre-Employment Screening

With pre-employment screening services, you can reduce your company’s exposure to risk. Screening potential team members prior to them becoming a part of your business can help you make the right decisions on who to hire in times of uncertainty.

The information obtained through a background check can give you confidence in a potential hire’s employment history, protecting the role and your company’s reputation.


International Checks

If your business is hiring new members of staff internationally or has candidates who have lived or worked abroad, you’ll have access to our language capabilities and extensive network of in-country background screening experts.

Our specialists will ensure the employment vetting process is rigorous but, at the same time adheres to local data protection laws and respects cultural norms.

Our implementation team will work with your business to integrate our proprietary technology with your broader recruitment/hiring process – giving you access to an industry-leading candidate background screening solution.


Employee Rescreening

As staff members develop professionally and climb the ladder within your business, they also develop within their personal lives, and the risks they pose may change. This can apply in both regulated and non-regulated sectors.

Acting as a best practice approach, employee rescreening can put your business one step ahead, potentially protecting your company from what’s around the corner.


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