Vero Hero

Employment Screening

Why Screen?

You need to be confident in the people you hire. With our pre-employment screening and background checks, you can be. We help you make the right hiring decision, first time.

Our Candidate screening service gives you the tools you need to:

    for the honesty and experience of your employees
    the security and integrity of your data and systems
    with professional standards in your industry
    risk and prevent damage to your reputation
    a culture of honesty, integrity and transparency

Why Outsource?

By outsourcing to us, you can be confident your pre-employment checks will be completed quickly, run smoothly and meet the necessary professional and regulatory standards.

If you’re hiring internationally or have candidates who have lived or worked abroad, you’ll have access to our language capabilities and extensive network of in-country screening experts. Our specialists will ensure the vetting process is rigorous but
at the same time adheres to local data protection laws and respects cultural norms.

Our implementation team will work with you to integrate our proprietary technology with your broader candidate onboarding process – giving you instant access to an industry-leading screening solution, with no waiting time and no development overheads.

Our technology

Consultative Approach

By working closely with you, listening to you and understanding your business, we build services tailored to your company. This makes it possible for us to develop an approach that minimises risk and ensures compliance for clients from a wide range of
different sectors.

Candidate Engagement

The Vero Difference

Complementary Services

In addition to standard pre-employment services, Vero can also support you with the following complementary services:

also referred to as annual checks or ‘re-screening’ of employees

aligning existing employees with company-wide screening policy

delivering continued compliance for internally mobile employees

providing instant and time-efficient employment verifications for HR

Our relationship with you and your candidates is important to us and every aspect of our service has been carefully designed to deliver a personalised, positive experience.

Global Reach

Placing screening in a global context is especially relevant given the internationally mobile workforce of today. Vero have extensive global reach, local language capabilities and a fully time-zoned model. Our extensive research and experience overseas enables us to support clients with global screening policies, who need to demonstrate compliance with local data protection legislation, employment law and cultural considerations, in each of their hiring locations.