Widening background checks to uncover risk: Vero and Neotas partner to deliver world class social media searches

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London, 17th June 2020 – Vero Screening, a leading provider of employment screening solutions and Neotas, a leading provider of online due diligence, today announced their partnership to launch Vero Social Media Searches, a fast and compliant way to utilise online data when screening job candidates and employees.


These social media checks are driven by a combination of advanced technology and analyst teams to help organisations conduct deeper and more thorough due diligence than a manual, human team-led approach.  With zero false positives and research in 200 languages, each report identifies, reviews and tags relevant results to ensure a compliant and auditable approach to online reputation checking.


Each social media screening report can reveal a huge amount of additional insight on candidates and employees, with deep open-source intelligence providing insight on key risk indicators including racist or sexist language, violent content or illegal activities that are often undiscoverable using traditional methods.


Examples of key issues that would be missed by more traditional checks include a CEO posting highly political content, a senior manager filmed hitting a policeman at a football match, a middle manager with a conflicting directorship under an alias and a new starter with deeply offensive comments across a range of topics.


Vero Social Media Searches are available immediately and more information can be found on the Vero website.


Rupert Emson, Managing Director, Vero Screening says,  “I’m delighted to announce the launch of Social Media Searches, particularly at such a crucial time when our own data shows that our online behaviour is closer than ever to personal brand and reputation.  The combination of our data, technology and the expert analysis of Neotas’ teams creates an unbeatable proposition for peace of mind when managing talent.”


Vipul Mishra, CEO of Neotas explains, “In these challenging times reputation is key.  With us all spending more time than ever on social media and collaborating with both customers and colleagues remotely, our identity is more digital than ever before.  Ensuring that every member of the team portrays a positive profile online as well as in person is critical.  When this information is available to customers, colleagues and interested journalists there is simply no excuse for being the last to know. Technology now makes these issues much easier to identify, and we are very proud to be working with Vero to help firms globally hire and retain the best talent while ensuring they always protect their bottom line.”


About Vero Screening

Vero’s unique identity and vision evolved from our fundamental desire to support our clients and their candidates. We have a passion for screening and a simple belief in setting new standards. Part of our DNA, these qualities fuel our commitment to excellence and drive our culture. In an increasingly digitised world, our innovative systems safeguard data security and integrity, while our experienced teams focus on the human conversations and interactions. Together, they deliver an outstanding screening experience




About Neotas

Neotas leverages open-source intelligence (OSINT) to analyse an individual’s or companies ‘digital footprint’ to provide valuable insights without invading their privacy. This includes analysis of social media, the deep and the dark web.  Clients include HR teams looking to recruit and retain the best talent, compliance teams looking to improve their approach to EDD and credit risk teams wanting to improve their lending or debt recovery process.





About Georgina Wilson

Georgina joined Vero in 2011, having previously worked at FPR Ltd, subsequently acquired by Kroll, where she headed up Capital Intelligence, with responsibility for director-level due diligence, primarily for AIM-listed organisations. A long-standing member of Vero’s Senior Management Team, in January 2020 she became part of the newly established Leadership Team. Her energy for bringing clarity and correctness is crucial to Vero’s ability to deliver clever solutions to clients.