Vero Brand Evolution

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Vero was thrilled to celebrate its 10 year anniversary in 2016. This celebration coincided with a number of landmark achievements for our business and in 2017 we embarked upon an update of our brand. Given our unique position in the marketplace we were keen to establish a strong brand identity which clearly expressed our brand pillars.

Original brand concept

The process of establishing our brand identity began back in 2012 and focused around the personality and vision of key members of the Vero team. Particular prominence was given to our three founding directors – Rupert, Steve and Becky – whose passion for employment screening, innovation and service excellence led them to set up the business in 2006. The original brand strategy was to deliver a bold introduction to the business and its key functions. Portrait photography was commissioned and the core elements of the visual design – colour, typography and illustration – were established. Copy was crisp and to the point, conveying our sense of purpose and ambition. The overall look and feel was one of a premium, investigative and thorough business, focused on delivering outstanding service to clients and candidates.

2012 – 2017

In the five years since we initially developed our brand concept, we are proud to have grown and evolved substantially as a business, maintaining our dominance in key sectors such as legal and financial, while also extending our reach into new markets, developing new technology and launching new services. Now located in central Brighton and supporting clients in more than 40 overseas hiring locations, we were keen our brand should keep ‘in step’ with the evolution of our business but remain true to our core principles.

Brand update in 2017

While the initial branding in 2012 focused on introducing the business and the core team, in 2017 we were keen to soften the visual approach to encapsulate the wider day-to-day team, reflecting the human conversations we have on a daily basis with clients and candidates. Photography was commissioned on the theme of moving from a bird’s eye view – groups of people in everyday motion – to ‘close ups’ of the physical traits of individuals and their real life interactions. The result is a set of photographs that are warm, engaging and human, and that reflect the ‘Vero way’ of doing business. The combination of typography, colour and image, also enables our audience to quickly scan core messaging without the need to read detail.

Summarising our brand

Our unique identity and vision evolved from our fundamental desire to support our clients and their candidates and has seen us grow our business around the three brand pillars of experience, innovation and service. Our brand has been specifically designed to convey our commitment to delivering these exceptional standards of service and to convey our human-centric, engaging and outward-looking approach. Our experienced teams focus on the many human interactions – with candidates, clients, referees and colleagues – that make up the screening process, while our sophisticated technology delivers speed, security and accuracy. ISO 27001:2013 accredited, information security and ‘privacy by design’ is central to everything we do and the concept of continual improvement is embedded within every area of our business.


Our new website showcases the intuitive and eye-catching interface for which our web and mobile technology has come to be recognised and highly regarded. It aims to bring the experience of working with Vero to life and features photographs of Vero employees in our Brighton head office. Our animated videos guide candidates and clients through the Vero approach to screening and our dedicated ‘Candidate Engagement’ page includes FAQs and topic specific guides to support Candidates with every aspect of their screening ‘journey’. With General Data Protection Regulation on the horizon, particular emphasis has also been placed on explaining how we safeguard their personal data and how they can exercise their rights over this data.


The images featured both on our website and in our brochure have been specially commissioned and styled on the theme of ‘human conversations’. As well as setting out the breadth of our international service offering and the extent of our industry experience and credentials, our re-branded brochure has been designed to provide the reader with a real sense of our ‘personality’ – the defining qualities that underpin our organisation and our approach to service delivery. To request a copy of our new brochure please contact us

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