Recruiting Internationally Post-Covid? Here’s What You Need to Know About Employee Screening.

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Globalisation and outsourcing have led many organisations around the world to expand their business outside their home market, open offices overseas and recruit more foreign employees.

In 2020 alone, we carried out more than 5,000 screenings in our clients’ 1200+ international offices outside of the UK.

The Coronavirus pandemic has illustrated just how digital businesses can be. Remote working is at an all-time high. In the US alone, one in two people won’t be returning to jobs that don’t offer remote working as an option.

With remote working here to stay, it’s integral to the safety of your business that you mitigate risk when navigating international recruitment and on-boarding with cross-border candidates.

For HR leaders, it’s important to understand the different aspects of international talent acquisition. Screening candidates can be particularly complex, as there’s no global database that allows employers to review information for applicants all in one place. So, conducting international background checks must ensure records are checked in each country where the candidate has resided and in compliance with relevant local legislation.

We utilise our established network of trusted and fully audited suppliers, to deliver specialist country-specific and sector-specific employment screening expertise and access to information.
Important aspects of multi-cultural screening.
Did you know that some cultures consider it disrespectful to reference a person’s past employment?
With a multitude of cultures and nationalities around the world, each candidate comes with their own set of expectations and rights.
For example, in some countries it’s not permitted for a third-party to conduct a criminal record check. But screening specialists may be able to overcome this by signposting the candidate to obtain and present their own criminal record certificate directly to their employer.
Our experts can help you identify the legal, social and cultural screening requirements, prohibitions and considerations in each of the countries you intend to hire in or from. For each country where workers have personal, work and education history, we’ll offer guidance and processes which support a compliant background screening policy.
It’s important to be aware that failure to meet country specific legislation could result in your business being non-compliant in that country, or leave you open to claims your background screening process is discriminatory.
International background checks can help your business in the following ways:
• Make informed decisions based on reliable results from global databases and sources.
• Ensure your candidate’s employment history is accurate.
• Confirm your candidate has the skills and experience required.
• Reduce the risk of a bad hire.
• Ensure a consistent, globally compliant approach to background screening processes.
We work with our approved network of trusted in-country suppliers to offer truly global reach and local ‘on the ground’ expertise, resources and knowledge.
If you’d like to find out more about our global capabilities, drop us an email at intouch@veroscreening.com
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