Navigating the Changing World of Work

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Navigating the Changing World of Work – Five Forces of Fundamental Change


Tom Hadley’s take on Accurate Background and Vero Screening’s event in London.


Discussions around the impact of AI, organisational culture, evolving worker expectations and new approaches to recruitment, selection and vetting are intensifying by the day. Which is why the Accurate and Vero event ‘Navigating the Changing World of Work’ could not have come at a better time. Below are my ‘five forces of fundamental change’ that will set the scene ahead of next week’s gathering in central London:


  1. The AI debate is heating up – This has become a mainstay of the mainstream media and of the public policy agenda. But what are the practical implications for specific job roles and future skills needs? And what impact is already apparent to HR, recruitment and compliance professionals?


  1. New expectations are creating new workforce challenges – How can employers respond to evolving worker expectations and aspirations? The implications for organisational leaders and managers are potentially seismic, but what practical changes are likely to create the best outcomes?


  1. The ‘recruitment revolution’ is building pace – Hiring procedures and criteria are being radically reviewed. And this is driving new challenges for HR, recruitment, and compliance professionals. For example, how can the increasing focus on ethics and values best be reflected in selection and vetting procedures? And what does a ‘skills-first’ philosophy look like in practice?


  1. Reputation and social impact are absolute priorities – What innovative steps are employers taking on the SDG agenda and on green transition? What’s next on wellbeing, inclusion, reskilling and workplace safety? And how can all this come together to re-energise employer brand and employee engagement?


  1. External factors will continue to impact – What does the mid to longer term look like, how might an evolving political landscape impact? And how can business leaders build voice and visibility by taking a stand on the big issues of the day and influencing the policy agenda?


There has never been a more important time to take stock of a shape-shifting employment landscape and develop effective responses to emerging challenges. Employers all over the world are looking for new approaches and new opportunities. The way forward lies in promoting peer to peer exchanges and active debate, sharing good practice and showcasing innovative approaches. There will be plenty of that at the Museum of London on next Thursday. See you there!



Tom Hadley is an independent workforce and campaigns consultant. He delivered his ‘Mega-Trends, Micro-Lens’ talk at 29 June’s ‘Navigating the Changing World of Work’ event.


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