Background Checks Are More Crucial Than Ever Post-Pandemic, Businesses Say.

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New state of the industry study from Vero shows three quarters believe Covid-19 has made screening employees even more important.


A newly released white paper has seen businesses admit the pandemic has made background checks on potential and existing employees more crucial than ever.


‘The Changing Face of Background Screening’ study from Vero asked 274 businesses about their attitudes towards, and current levels of engagement in, pre-employment and ongoing employee background screening practices.


Vero, a market-leading screening provider with global reach, wanted to truly understand the issues and challenges businesses are facing when it comes to the recruitment and retention of skills in the post-pandemic world.


Key findings from the research also show that:


Criminal record checks have seen the greatest rise in number since the pandemicAnd… A vast majority of businesses agree background screening is now a fundamental part of how a business is perceived by employees, suppliers and clientsBut… Only 3 in 5 businesses are routinely screening 75% or more of their workforce and/or suppliers.


Rupert Emson, CEO at Vero, said: “The way we do business has changed in light of the global events we’ve all been faced with in recent times. Working from home on a full-time, hybrid, or ad hoc basis has become the norm and employers are having to rethink the way they attract new talent as a result.”

“And while our findings show that, right now, the vast majority of businesses say employment checks are key to maintaining their internal culture and credibility with clients, there is clearly still some way to go for businesses in realising the true importance of screening.”


Vero’s new state of the industry study is just one of the many ways it continues to challenge itself as a screening provider in doing things differently, and why Vero has become a market leader in the employment screening space.


Rupert said: “Ultimately, we know background screening plays a vital role in supporting businesses to have complete confidence in the people they employ, and this is exactly why we commissioned this research.”


“We’re now living in a world where the potential to become disconnected from the people we work with, and the need to dig deeper in truly understanding others, has never been greater. So, it’s our intention and hope this report will enable us all as businesses, clients and colleagues, to do just that.”


Its new whitepaper ‘The Changing Face of Background Screening’ is available to download at www.veroscreening.com/research




Vero, an Accurate Background Inc company, is the largest UK-based independent supplier of outsourced screening services, providing expert knowledge and world-class employment screening services for clients in 200+ countries.


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