Why Global Screening Matters in 2022.

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For nearly two years, HR Managers have been faced with exceptional circumstances.


The usual talent acquisition, interviewing, onboarding, and generally being a go-to for current employees, has vastly altered and the HR function has been faced with countless hurdles.


Many of us are now settled into our current ways of working, thanks to fast-acting and forward-thinking HR departments, who have been tasked with keeping employees settled in the (now remote) workplace. During the pandemic, we’ve all seen a decline in many aspects of the workplace. We have, however, seen a mass increase of employees opting to relocate or work from home.


According to research, 55% of businesses globally offer some capacity for remote work.


With international hiring now an everyday reality for many businesses, global screening has never been so important.


As a result of the ‘new normal’, getting confirmed verification about who you are hiring is a non-negotiable for businesses wanting to avoid reputational, financial, and cultural risks to their workforce.


HR departments are now finding it necessary to screen in a multi-cultural context – working with applicants from different backgrounds and in different countries requires that HR deals with prospective employees from a multitude of cultures and nationalities, each with their own expectations and regulations.


Here, we look at three challenges of international recruitment in 2022, and how global screening can assist you in your hiring process.



Local Regulations.

Regulations vary from country to country, and from candidate to candidate. We can help you identify the legal, social and cultural screening requirements and prohibitions and considerations in each of the countries you intend to hire in.


For each country where workers have personal, work and educational history, we’ll help you find out if there are existing regulations concerning background screening.


It’s important to be aware that failure to meet country-specific regulations could result in your business being non-compliant in that country, or leave you open to claims your background screening process is discriminatory.


Here at Vero, we have an in-house compliance solution that offers insight into regulations pertaining to your candidate’s specific location, helping you to go ahead with the precise screening services that you require.


Local Law vs Contractual Law.

Did you know that what is permissible varies on a country by country basis?

Local knowledge is of the utmost importance to ensure compliance with local legislation and regulation. Aspects of international hiring such as this can dramatically alter what employers learn about prospective employees.


International Consistency.

As your international workforce grows, consistency from the HR function is key.


Consistency is crucial when conducting any type of background check. Inconsistencies can be shown as points of discrimination or poor hiring practice and can lead to problems.


When you create a global background screening policy, it’s important to ensure the policy is consistent across all locations within the limits of local legislation. A practiced and trusted international screening provider should act as an extension of your Human Resources team, ensuring a quality-driven process, time and time again.


In certain cases, some checks cannot be conducted for the purposes of employment screening. In these instances, Vero’s experts can advise on alternative checks that can be used to provide additional assurance. For example, where a Criminal check is not an option, a Global Compliance and Sanctions check, along with a Media check could be used as an alternative.


How can we help?

Digesting regulatory requirements on global screening can be quite an exhaustive task. We’re on hand to work with you every step of the way.


In 2020 alone, we carried out more than 5,000 screenings in our clients’ 1200+ international offices.


We’re one of the UK’s leading providers of international background screening with in-country knowledge and global screening services that are legally and culturally compliant.


We utilise our established network of trusted and fully audited suppliers, to deliver specialist country-specific and sector-specific expertise.


Click here for more information on our international services | If you’d like to find out more about our global capabilities, drop us an email at intouch@veroscreening.com

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