Digital Identity.

What is Digital ID?

Digital Identity is helping make it safer and easier for people to prove who they are. And for Candidates going through an employment screening exercise with Vero, it’s speeding up the route to onboarding and making it easier than ever to complete the process.

How does it work?

We’ve partnered with Yoti to integrate digital identification verification into the Vero Screening portal.

When you login to complete your online screening form, you’ll be invited to verify your identity digitally by downloading the Yoti app onto your smartphone. From within the Yoti app, you’ll be asked to follow these three simple steps to digital ID.

Step 1: Upload a government-issued ID document
Step 2: Take a selfie to create your reusable digital ID
Step 3: Verify your ID and share it with Vero

Once you’ve confirmed your digital ID, you’ll also benefit from the wider applications of the Yoti digital ID service, if you chose to do so. You’ll be able to use Yoti as ID online worldwide and in over 30,000 Post Offices, Payzone stores and convenience stores in the UK.

The Yoti app is entirely separate from the Vero screening portal and your digital ID remains in your full control at all times, only shared with Vero if and when you choses to do so.

Is there an Alternative?

We understand some Candidates might not want or be able to use the Yoti app. That’s no problem. Digital ID verification isn’t mandatory and our online portal will give you the option to go through a manual ID verification process if you’d prefer to do so.

Screening and Digitalisation

Following the pandemic-driven, mass migration to remote and hybrid working models, there’s been a widespread move towards greater digitalisation. In particular, employers and the wider recruitment industry were quick to recognise the benefits associated with remote ID verification. And as a result, the Home Office granted the option to use digital ID verification on an ongoing basis, and specifically in connection with Right to Work checks.

Disclosure and Barring Service

The use of Digital ID is aligned to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Identity Trust Scheme. The DBS Identity Trust Scheme enables digital identity checking within their pre-employment criminal disclosure checking process. As of 2022, UK employers can use certified Identification Documentation Validation Technology (IDVT) providers such as Yoti to conduct digital identity checks for the purpose of basic, standard and enhanced disclosure applications.

How Will Vero Use Digital ID?

We’ll use a your digital ID to carry out the checks and verifications required by our Client – your (future) employer – in connection with their role. If your employer has asked us to carry out criminal record checks and / or right to work checks on their behalf, your digital ID will be used to complete these checks with the relevant authorities.

Who are Yoti?

The Digital ID app created by Yoti empowers people by giving them access to a reusable digital ID on their phone. It takes just minutes to set up, using a government issued ID document and a selfie. Once set up, individuals can use it to prove who they are, online or in person. All of your details will be encrypted within the app and can only be accessed by you. No-one else can share your individual data, only you can from within their app. Read more about Yoti on their website and learn how they keep users’ personal data safe.